April 5, 2003

Aspermont, TX Tornado & HP Monster Supercell / Hail

Chase Account by: Scott Blair

Chase Team: Scott Blair, Jason Politte.

Jason Politte and I started the day in Denton, TX targeting Haskell. We arrived in the target area at 2pm to find storms had initiated earlier than expected and were producing weak anvils. However, one storm rapidly strengthened near Rotan and was placed under a tornado warning. We quickly moved west on Hwy 380 to intercept.

*** Large blocky wall cloud with RFD develops SW of Aspermont, TX at 2:55pm. ***

The storm developed a large blocky wall cloud within a couple of minutes. Shortly after, a clear slot was observed as the RFD punched around. We repositioned a bit further west and stopped about four miles east of Aspermont. The wall cloud continued to persist and tightened up into a large cone tornado that eventually morphed into a stovepipe during its seven minute lifespan. The tornado touched down at 3pm about 4 miles SSW of Aspermont.

*** Cone tornado develops before morphing into stovepipe 4 miles SSW of Aspermont, TX at 3pm. The tornado lasted seven minutes. ***

The tornado became rain-wrapped and soon dissipated as a new meso organized to the south. We dropped south of Old Glory and observed rapid rotation as the meso crossed the road. The precip core quickly overtook us with 2.75-3.00 inch hail.

*** New meso and associated wall cloud moves east to just south of Old Glory, TX. Awesome motion was observed as the meso crossed the road. Very large hail up to 3" in diameter soon followed. ***

We encountered terrible driving conditions in Haskell. Copious amounts of hail were flowing down the main roads, slowing our eastward progress. Knowing this storm's dangerous potential, I blasted to get ahead of it before it could overtake me again. I drove through Woodson only five minutes before the town encountered 4 inch hail. The day generally ended around sunset in Mineral Wells at the Pizza Hut. We shared stories with Gene Moore, Eric Nguyen, Scott Currens, and several others. A classic chase day to jump-start 2003!

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