May 27, 2002

Crosby County, TX Tornadoes - Huge Spiked Hail

Chase Account by: Scott Blair

Chase Team: Scott Blair, Eric Nguyen, Scott Currens

Memorial Day held its stormy reputation as long-lived supercells developed across West Texas. The first supercell developed near Tulia, TX. The storm had good organization and was strongly rotating. As the storm later showed signs of weakening, our attention was turned to another supercell near Abernathy. The storm was slow to organize but finally exploded near Cone, TX. An obvious RFD formed and the precip core expanded. We observed a weak, well-defined tornado NW of Ralls around 5:15pm. The meso really lowered with time and produced another tornado ESE of Ralls around 5:35pm. This tornado was multi-vortex in nature as numerous vortices danced underneath the meso for several minutes. South of Crosbyton, we encountered awesome hail that significantly damaged the windshield. The stones were 3 inches measured with numerous spikes. A third supercell was observed west of Spur, TX. A RFD punch and nice wall cloud developed. The storm was very close to a tornado but never did. The day ended with nice structure in Spur. Classic chase!

*** Hard rotation with wall cloud associated with 1st supercell near Tulia, TX ***

*** LP to classic supercell developed near Ralls, TX before tracking ESE to Crosbyton. Two well-defined tornadoes developed near the Ralls area. ***

*** This 2nd supercell of the day produced very damaging spiked hail up to 3 inches in diameter south of Crosbyton, TX. Hail in this form is pretty rare. ***

*** The 3rd supercell later developed near Crosbyton, TX. It presented a nice wall cloud and beaver tail. The chase ended near Spur, TX with a look at the giant cell. ***

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