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01 - Rush Center, KS
May 6, 2008
02 - Lyon, KS
May 6, 2008
Supercells were the expected mode of convection, but storms quickly evolved into a small complex. I raced ahead of a developing bow echo and was quite pleased with the linear structure. As the chase progressed, the structure continued to get better as it raced to the east at 40 mph.
03 - Oshkosh, NE
June 10, 2006
A spectacular shelf cloud is illuminated with an impressive range of hues in central Nebraska. We took a narrow one lane road for nearly 20 miles to obtain this shot.
04 - Burlington, CO
May 31, 2006
An excellent example of a bowed-out segment within a shelf cloud. Note the tremendous amount of dirt generated by the outflow winds. Wind gusts with this storm were over 70 mph.
05 - Sioux Falls, SD
June 24, 2003
A monstrous HP supercell rolled into the western sections of Sioux Falls, SD just before midnight on 24 June 2003. This storm earlier produced numerous tornadoes near the Centerville, SD region. A weak tornado was spawned near the time of the photo on the north side of the updraft, not visible from our location.
06 - Kadoka, SD
June 6, 2007
This storm earlier produced two tornadoes and then became an outflow dominant beast. This shelf cloud moved east at nearly 60 mph. We were overtaken by the line with a necessary gas stop. The vehicle behind mine lost the back window from flying rocks.
07 - Montezuma, KS
June 1, 2003
A day with somewhat low expectations became a memorable one as a photogenic shelf cloud developed within a foreground of wind turbines.
08 - Holdrege, NE
May 17, 2005
09 - Axtell, NE
May 17, 2005
A nice shelf cloud formed just south of I-80 around sunset. The low level winds were screaming out of the south with contributed to very impressive inflow into the linear complex.
10 - Lake Kemp, TX
April 15, 2000
The tail-end-charlie shelf cloud near sunset became the highlight of the day. There were reports of baseball size hail within the core. We were on the road for 27 hours straight; something that could've only been feasible in my younger days.
11 - Flagler, CO
June 3, 2002
An ominous looking severe storm complete with a dust-filled shelf cloud scraping the horizon. We let the storm impact us while underneath a gas station canopy. Nearly a foot deep of hail was the end result.
12 - Clyde, KS
May 29, 2006
A once-promising supercell became outflow dominant at sunset, albeit complete with vivid color.
13 - Slaton, TX
May 31, 2005
Although not as photogenic as many of the images above, the photo illustrates a good side view example of bowing shelf.

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